New increased drafts announced by Panama Canal

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The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has announced plans to increase daily transits from 32 to 33 starting on July 11, with a further increase to 34 transits scheduled for July 22. These adjustments are in response to current and expected water levels in Gatun Lake, supported by the onset of the rainy season in the canal’s watershed. Additionally, effective June 15, the maximum allowable draft will increase from 13.7 meters to 14 meters. The decision to expand transits and draft follows a period of reduced operations since May last year due to severe drought conditions, the worst on record for Panama. Incoming president Jose Raul Mulino has prioritized addressing water levels in the canal, intending to propose legislation that would allow the construction of large water reservoirs to mitigate future drought impacts. This legislative effort marks a significant initiative for his upcoming administration, set to begin in July for a five-year term.

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