New Wartsila 31DF engine reduces methane emissions

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Wartsila has unveiled an ultra-low emissions version of its efficient Wartsila 31DF engine, capable of significantly reducing methane and nitrogen oxide emissions while operating on LNG. Compared to the standard engine, the new version can lower methane emissions by up to 56 percent and nitrogen oxide by up to 86 percent at 50 percent load. This technology has already been implemented on Wasaline’s Aurora Botnia ferry, resulting in a 10 percent decrease in methane emissions. The collaboration between Wartsila and Wasaline aims to create a more sustainable shipping industry. The improved engine not only meets current regulatory standards but also prepares vessels for potential future emission restrictions. With methane emissions being more potent than carbon dioxide, this innovation represents a significant step in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from engines, further supporting the transition to cleaner operations in the shipping sector.

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