NTEC coal from Montana to be transported by BNSF to Westshore

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The Surface Transportation Board (STB) has issued a preliminary injunction requiring BNSF Railway Co. to transport 4.2 million tons of coal from Navajo Transitional Energy Co.’s (NTEC) Spring Creek mine in Montana to the Westshore Terminals export facility in British Columbia during 2023. An additional 1 million tons will be transported this year as train sets and crews become available. The STB ordered BNSF to move 23 trains per month initially and six additional trains per month when more resources are available. Both parties are required to report the number of trains moved and their efforts to obtain more resources on a weekly basis. The decision was made in response to NTEC’s complaint that BNSF had violated its common carrier obligation. The STB found in favor of NTEC, stating that BNSF had the capacity to provide the requested service and that it was in the public interest to do so. NTEC’s reputation and the importance of its role in the Navajo Nation’s economy were also considered. STB Chairman Martin Oberman emphasized the significance of the common carrier obligation in the railroad industry. Two STB members dissented from the decision.

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