NYK Line starts recycling vessel lashing belts to RPF fuel

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Japanese shipping giant NYK Line has embarked on a new environmental initiative by collaborating with NYK Trading Corporation, Azbil Yamatake Friendly, and Kayama Kogyo to recycle expired vehicle lashing belts from its car carriers. The project converts these used belts into refuse-derived paper and plastics densified fuel (RPF fuel), a high-caloric solid fuel alternative to traditional fossil fuels, by compacting recovered paper and waste plastics into pellets or briquettes. Annually, the NYK-operated fleet discards about 200,000 lashing belts, which can now potentially be transformed into approximately 20 tons of RPF fuel. The initiative began with the collection of 27,000 belts from the car carrier Sagittarius Leader in Nagoya. This recycling effort not only repurposes difficult-to-recycle materials but also involves community members, including employees with intellectual disabilities and foreign technical interns, in the production process, thereby contributing to significant greenhouse gas emission reductions.

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