Oct. 22 – Maersk Tender

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The Maersk Tender is one of two offshore tug/supply ships involved in the Ocean Cleanup project aimed at reducing the size of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Besides Maersk Supply Service’s support with vessel operations and offshore project management, Maersk is supporting The Ocean Cleanup with logistics end-to-end handling services, ranging from worldwide shipment from different locations to airfreight, container and special transport, customs clearance, and warehouse and storage management.

Together the Maersk Tender and ­Maersk Trader ships carry 45 crew to the large stretch of the north Pacific where debris has accumulated.  The vessels slowly tow the new 800-metres long and three-metre-deep skirt underwater to catch plastic below the surface. Dubbed Jenny, the plastic-extraction system was created to concentrate floating plastics and hold them for loading onto vessels.

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