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On February 27th, the Chamber of Shipping hosted a Spill Response Workshop as refresher and update to the response regime in Western Canada. Presentations were made by representatives from the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG), Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC), Bernard LLP, and Neptune Bulk Terminals, each providing a unique perspective on spill response practices, events, and challenges.

Superintendent Jeff Brady elucidated the CCG’s roles and administration as an Incident Command Centre. Peter Swanson provided a P&I Club perspective and the legal implications of spills, highlighting the responsibilities and potential liabilities of vessel owners. From WCMRC, Michael Lowry outlined their pivotal roles, asset deployment, and response standards as the Response Organization in the region. Additionally, Jeff Crawford shared insights from Neptune Terminal’s recent experience with a recent incident and the potential impact resulting from delays in response.

The workshop was well-attended and received positive feedback from all participants. The WCMRC team graciously offered a tour of their new spill response base in Vancouver Inner Harbour, and shared information on the capabilities of their response vessels.

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