George Runyon

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George Runyon

Executive Vice President | Evergreen America Agency (Canada) Ltd.


George is the Deputy Senior Vice President at Evergreen Shipping Agency (America) Corp. After joining the organization in 1993 as a documentation clerk, George is now responsible for the company’s Canadian operations, including the offices in Vancouver and Toronto.

George came to Canada after many years in the USA Container Carrier industry. His various roles with Evergreen have had him stationed in Portland, Chicago, and Seattle. He has built his reputation working with customers including Costco Wholesale, Amazon, Target Corp, Best Buy, Cargill, Procter & Gamble, Whirlpool, Sears Holdings, Ashley Furniture, Weyerhaeuser, and more. He is very passionate about the current and future state of international trading and transportation through Canadian ports. He is well known in the local Vancouver transportation community through various roles on gateway committees and a board of director role at B.C. Maritime Employers Association.

Originally born and raised in Portland, OR, George is an avid downhill skier and likes riding ATV’s on the Oregon Coast dunes. He has two children and a grandson located in the USA.