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Robert Lewis-Manning



Robert is the President of the Chamber of Shipping, a leading Canadian marine transportation industry association championing responsible international marine trade. In his role as President, he is intimately involved with the development of international and national marine trade, safety, and environmental policy. He is also a member of the National Species at Risk Advisory Committee.

A former senior officer in the Royal Canadian Navy, Robert served in various sea-going and staff positions in Canada as well as internationally. Upon departing the Navy, Robert joined the Canadian Shipowners Association as the President, where he was instrumental in progressing the interests of Canadian ship owners and promoting short-sea-shipping. He is passionate about promoting solutions related to environmental stewardship, sustainability, and the innovation of technology in the transportation sector.

Robert holds degrees in Political Science, International Relations, and Business Administration. He enjoys the tranquility of the outdoors including snowboarding, sailing, biking and hiking.