PetroTal’s Peru operations attacked by Indigenous protesters

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PetroTal, a Canadian oil company with significant investments in Peru, is facing challenges from local communities in the Amazon region. The Indigenous Association for Development and Conservation of Bajo Puinahua (AIDECOBAP) has taken control of two oil transport convoys in the area. The first convoy, which belonged to Brazil and was empty, was headed to the Bretana field and had a crew of six. The second convoy, owned by Peru, was carrying around 40,000 barrels of oil destined for the Iquitos refinery and had a crew of eight Peruvian nationals who were not PetroTal employees. It is important to note that PetroTal does not own or operate either of the convoys. The convoys are currently being held near the town of 7 de Junio.

As a result of these attacks, PetroTal’s operations in the area have come to a halt. During the seizure of the convoys, a navy sailor sustained a minor head injury from a spear and received medical attention. The Peruvian navy has been deployed to the area and will remain nearby to ensure the safety of the vessels and the well-being of the crew.

AIDECOBAP, consisting of approximately 60 people and 10 boats, continues to block the transit of ships in the Puinahua channel.

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