Port of Seattle proposes historic investment

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Port of Seattle Executive Director Steve Metruck introduced the Port’s 2023 budget and five-year capital plan proposing historic investments in facilities and organization.  Included in the $5.3 billion plan  Featured in the $5.3 billion plan which includes the airport, are maritime and economic development projects such as berth replacements at Terminal 91, electrification at Pier 66, and the development of new maritime industrial space at Terminal 106 and Terminal 91.  The total capital budget proposed for 2023 is $725.8 million.

The Port will also contribute $276.4 million to the Northwest Seaport Alliance for container terminal modernization and expansion in both harbors such as the completion of Terminal 5, as well as operational upgrades and environmental sustainability projects.  The Ports of Seattle and Tacoma each contribute 50 percent of the costs to fund the NWSA five-year capital improvement plan.

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