Prince Rupert offers warm welcome to seafarers

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The Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA) extends its gratitude to the world’s seafarers and acknowledges the critical role they play in global trade, especially during this unprecedented pandemic. Intent on providing direct help, particularly for those contributing to the success of the Prince Rupert Gateway, PRPA’s marine operations has developed a safe method to offer breaks to crew aboard the ships at anchor in Prince Rupert Harbour, allowing them to come ashore and maintain isolation. Seafarers are given full access to a secured space outside Northland Terminal, where PRPA staff set up tents, a grill, food and other supplies for them to use. So far, more than 30 seafarers have taken part in the shore break program, and have spent several hours relaxing, eating and accessing wifi to connect with their families and loved ones before being tendered back to their vessel. For many of these mariners, it was their first time on dry land in several months.

To learn more about PRPA’s shore break program which will continue through the summer visit : and watch the video.

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