Saskatchewan seeks to intervene in gateway infrastructure fees

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Saskatchewan, along with Manitoba, appeared virtually before the Federal Court on Wednesday to seek leave to intervene in a judicial review of the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s new gateway infrastructure fees. The fees range from eight to 40 cents per tonne for bulk, non-containerized cargo, including potash and grain, depending on the terminal through which the export is being processed. In response to this increase, a number of companies, including Viterra Canada Inc., are seeking a judicial review of the decision. Saskatchewan will provide a public interest perspective on the interpretation of what constitutes a fair and reasonable fee, based on a provision under the Canada Marine Act, which requires that the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Board have representation from the prairie provinces, and the large amount of Saskatchewan exports processed through the Port of Vancouver.

The Port of Vancouver is critical for Saskatchewan exports. In 2020, approximately 44 percent of all Saskatchewan exports went through it, which represents a total value of $12.2 billion. This includes over $8 billion in agriculture and agri-food products and $2.9 billion in potash and potassium-based fertilizers. Approximately 22 percent of the collective metric tonnage of goods that went through the Port of Vancouver in 2020 were made up of Saskatchewan exports.

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