Scrubber system successfully captures carbon

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Finland’s Langh Tech has completed its initial carbon-capture test on board one of the vessels in sister company Langh Ship’s fleet, utilizing the existing Langh Tech hybrid scrubber installed on board. The company report that attempts to capture carbon onboard vessels using a fuel scrubber system are proving successful in early tests, with a 7% reduction in CO2 emissions which the firm believes can be improved to as much as 15%. In the tests, additional alkali was added to the scrubber closed loop process water in order to provoke a reaction between the alkali and CO2, effectively capturing the CO2 from the exhaust gas into the process water. The CO2 capture feature could be applied to any Langh Tech closed loop or hybrid scrubber systems with relatively low cost impact, with only minor changes to the existing scrubber system. The process could be performed with readily available alkali products such as NaOH and MgOH2, which are both already being used in many SOx scrubber processes.

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