Sept 16 – Sonne

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The German research vessel, R/V Sonne, is currently in the Port of Vancouver picking up equipment this week to continue with its exploration off Vancouver Island.  Researchers are gathering seismic data to better understand the behavior of the Cascadia seismogenic zone or the tectonic structure along the deformation front off Vancouver Island. The focus of  Project SO294 is to determine the delineation of the seismogenic zone, particularly the seaward limit.

The research vessel is used for German world-wide marine scientific research and cooperation with other nations in this field.  R/V Sonne is owned by the Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), which financed 90 % of the construction of the vessel and its running costs. The North German coastal states contributed 10 % to the building costs.

Gross tonnage: 8554
Length: 118.42 m
Breadth: 23.82 m
Endurance: 52 days
Crew accommodations: 35 berths
Scientist accommodations: 40 berths

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