September 1 – Odfjell’s wind assisted propultion

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Odfjell has  pursued decarbonization initiatives for many years and recently documented a 51 percent improved carbon intensity of a Chemical tanker compared to the 2008 baseline. The deployment of bound4blue’s eSAIL system represents another significant milestone in implementing innovative solutions to increase its fleet’s energy efficiency. The key element is bound4blue’s eSAIL system, which harnesses the potential of wind power, utilizing a state-of-the-art wind-assisted propulsion known as a suction sail. By increasing the usage of wind energy to propel vessels, this solution offers a substantial reduction in a vessel’s carbon footprint.

Odfjell’s partnership with bound4blue aims to expand access to the eSAIL technology within the tanker shipping segment and further contribute to the industry’s efforts in decarbonization. The decision to collaborate with bound4blue was supported by an extensive study conducted by SSPA, evaluating various Wind Assisted Propulsion Systems (WAPS) for the Odfjell fleet. The pioneer installation will be completed in 2024.

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