September 18 – Antarctic Provider

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The Antarctic Provider, built by CIMC Raffles Offshore Ltd. for Aker BioMarine company, had a successful launch this week. The vessel is built to the classification of DNV GL and mainly for krill product transportation between Antarctic fishing area and South America ports, fuel oil supply for fishing vessel, and stuff work shift transportation. The vessel is specially designed to satisfy the requirement of krill products transportation, with 4 high-capacity cargo holds which gross capacity is up to 40,000 cubic meters and moveable crane on top of each cargo hold, being able to handing loading and unloading operation in special environment, satisfying Polar Code Rules with superior requirements on hull strength and cold-proof, being able to face the extremely challenging Antarctic environment.

  • Length: 167.6m
  • Breadth: 27m
  • Speed: 15kn
  • Built: 2020

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