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Port Security

Port security is mandated under the Marine Transportation Security Act and all vessels and individuals requiring access to marine facilities must be properly vetted and carry the appropriate credentials. The Chamber of Shipping is a trusted agent for the issuance of port access cards in the Port of Vancouver.


Port of Vancouver
Port Pass

The Port of Vancouver Port Pass is granted to individuals that require legitimate access to port property and the vessels alongside. If you require access to the port on a regular basis and fall into the category of a ship agent, service provider, ship supplier, or a general contractor serving the port community, apply for a Port Pass through the Chamber of Shipping today.


MTSC Program

A Marine Transportation Security Clearance (MTSC) provides a higher level of clearance for individuals required to access restricted areas as defined in a marine facilities security plan.  The definition of who is required to obtain a security clearance can be found in the Marine Transportation Security Regulations.  In order to be approved for MTSC, you must have a valid Port Pass. 

Access Requests

Port passes are credentials confirming that individuals have a legitimate reason to access port terminals or the visiting ships.  Port passes generally provide unimpeded access to port roads.  Each marine facility operator manages its own access and will determine whether individuals will be allowed on their facilities.  To request access to an in individual facility, representatives of shipping lines and agencies are required to use the standard Terminal Security Access Form to submit the names of those requesting access to vessels via marine terminals at least 24 hours in advance.  As noted security plans and safety requirements vary depending on each terminal.