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Registration Procedures

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Authorized Persons

The Chamber of Shipping is authorized to register response arrangements between vessel owners and WCMRC. The following documents must be completed and submitted with payment to effect an agreement.

  • Ship (Non-Bulk Oil) Membership Agreement or Ship (Bulk Oil) Membership Agreement (NOTE forms updated July 1, 2024)

    To register a vessel, a Membership Agreement form must be completed for each vessel and signed by the authorized signatory (see below for an explanation) and forwarded to the Chamber of Shipping (COS) with the appropriate fee prior to the vessel’s arrival. Effective July 1st, 2024, the annual registration fee is $1000 and an additional $175 agency fee for non-COS member companies may apply.  Please note that Schedule A (Additional Arrangements Form) is provided for owners/operators wishing to register more than one vessel in their fleet. 

    Download agreements (.pdf): 
              Ship (Non-Bulk) Membership Agreement 
              Ship (Bulk) Membership Agreement

  • Schedule 1 – GST Form – Evidence of Non-Residence

    International vessels are zero-rated for GST purposes, but must complete Schedule 1 (Satisfactory Evidence as Proof of Non-Residence and Non-Registration for GST Purposes). Should a Schedule 1 not be submitted and on file, the responsible parties will be subject to GST on the registration fees and applicable taxes on service rendered.

  • Schedule 2 – Ship Declaration 

    The “Declaration for a Ship that is in Waters South of the Sixtieth Parallel of North Latitude must be completed and kept on board the vessel and provided upon request by a Canadian authority.  Vessels that are unable to demonstrate that coverage is valid may be subject to an administrative monetary penalty.

    Download declaration (.pdf):
            Declaration for a Ship south of 60th Parallel

  • Schedule 3 – Considerations Regarding Authorized Persons

All completed and signed pages may be emailed to Upon receipt of the applicable fee, a contract number will be issued for the vessel. Copies of the fully executed agreement will be returned to the issuing agency.

Who should be named Authorized Person on the Ship Membership agreements? 

  • The person/persons who can complete a coordinated, concentrated and immediate spill response effort in Canada. 
  • The person/persons authorized to make financial decisions.
    • This person is recommended to either be on the ship or in the same time zone as the ship to ensure a safe and efficient process. 

More Information:

According to the Canada Shipping Act (2001) as listed in Schedule 3, the on-board declaration should identify every person who is authorized to implement the arrangement with the response organization. 

In the case of a spill, the Master of the ship will become involved in on-board related activities. This is stated in MARPOL’s shipboard oil pollution emergency. Outside of the ship, a person or persons other than the Master can help to coordinate an immediate and concentrated response outside the confines of the ship. 

Do you need help with determining who should be identified in your declaration as the Authorized Person or persons in your organization? Contact Gloria Gao at the WCMRC for further assistance at or by tel: 604-394-6001 ext 233. 

Payment Info

Payment guide for oil spill response arrangements:

  • Payable in CAD to the Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia
  • Send payments to
    630-355 Burrard Street
    Vancouver, BC V6C 2G8, Canada.
  • Pay directly or through your local agent.

Account details for wire transfers:

Bank Name: Bank of Montreal
Bank Address: 595 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC V7X 1L7 Tel: 604-665-2726
Account: Transit No.: 004 Account No.: 1630-113

*Note – Please include COS Invoice # or Vessel Name in wire transfer details*

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