Shanghai’s COVID lockdown continues

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China’s Covid lockdowns are worsening congestion at Chinese ports, resulting in carriers suspending their services and cancelling bookings for cargo exported to China. Over-the road and intermodal shipments from Shanghai are reported to be down by 41 percent, while deliveries dropped by 72 percent over the last month. Four Kites data shows strong ocean cargo flows at Shenzhen (where lockdown was recently lifted) and Ningbo-Zhoushan ports, however ocean freight in Shanghai has dropped by 23 percent over the last two weeks, and due to the Covid restrictions, the two-week average import time was up to eight days, increasing the ocean dwell time by 144 percent. Imports of refrigerated products have been severely impacted and some lines have stopped booking reefer and dangerous cargo containers to Shanghai. Exports were down by 20 percent.

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