Suez Canal transit fees waived for hospital ship

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As the International Day of Charity (Sunday, September 5, 2021) draws closer, Mercy Ships has announced that the Global Mercy completed its journey through the Suez Canal. The Global Mercy, the newest hospital ship of Mercy Ships, is in the last leg of the journey to the Port of Antwerp, where it will be further equipped and crewed. The ship is scheduled to arrive mid-September in Belgium and remain until early next year. The Senegalese and Egyptian governments facilitated the passage of the Global Mercy through the Suez Canal, so that the ship could pass through free of charge. This unique gesture allows Mercy Ships to save many thousands of extra lives in Africa in the long run.  The Port of Antwerp has made the arrival of the Global Mercy in Antwerp possible by offering a free berth and support. Volunteers from home and abroad will set up and finish the Global Mercy, the largest private hospital ship in the world. This includes the installation of medical equipment and IT systems, as well as the supply and crewing of the ship for its first mission.  During its missions, the Global Mercy can accommodate 950 people, including 641 crew members, who consist of volunteers from all over the world. In addition to the hospital, the ship also has first-class training facilities with which Mercy Ships contributes to the sustainable development of local medical care in many countries.

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