Tensions high in US as cruise sector “Grounded”

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Governor Ron DeSantis and state Attorney General Ashley Moody inferred that Florida would consider filing a lawsuit against the US Federal government over its ongoing restriction on the cruise industry. In October, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced a new framework for sailing that requires cruises to have onboard testing and carry out mock voyages and many other requirements before they are allowed to restart in US ports. The industry was shut down a year ago after several coronavirus outbreaks erupted on cruise ships. Moody said the state was weighing its legal options against the Biden Administration and the CDC for keeping the cruise industry idled amid the coronavirus pandemic. Cruise lines in several countries have resumed trips and industry advocates say cruising doesn’t pose a greater risk of transmitting the coronavirus than flying. A statement by the Florida governor’s office last week said the US government failed to provide relief funding to seaports “while airports and transit agencies have received assistance through relief packages.” Florida is home to some of the world’s busiest cruise ports including Miami, Port Canaveral near Kennedy Space Center, and Port Everglades near Fort Lauderdale.

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