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Port Terminals

South Coast

Port of Vancouver

Services: There is full availability of all forms of bunkers, tugs, medical services, repair services, mariners’ facilities, fumigation and quarantine services, garbage removal, and government ship and cargo inspections.
Address: 100 The Point, 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3T4
TEL: 604-665-9000 FAX: 604-665-9007
Website: www.portvancouver.com

Breakbulk & Bulk Terminals

Alliance Grain Terminal
Commodities: Wheat, Barley, Canola and Pulses
Address: 1155 Steward Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 4H4
TEL: 604-254-4414  FAX: 604-254-3212
Website: www.patersonglobalfoods.com 

Annacis Auto Terminal
Commodity:  Automobiles
Address:  820 Dock Road, Delta, BC V3M 6A3
TEL: 604-521-6681
Website: www.2wglobal.com

Cargill Grain Terminal
Commodities: Wheat, canola, barley, peas and other grain by-products
Address: 801 Low Level Road, North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 4J5
TEL: 604-990-2576 FAX: 604-990-2559
Website: www.cargill.ca

Cascadia Terminal
Commodities: Wheat, durum, feed barley, malting barley, canola seed and specialty products
Address: 3333 New Brighton Road, Vancouver, B.C.
TEL: 604-293-6207 FAX: 604-293-6219
Website: www.viterra.ca

Chemtrade Chemicals
Commodities: Sea Salt, caustic soda and sodium chlorate
Address: North Vancouver, BC
TEL:  1.866.887.8805
Website:  www.chemtradelogistics.com

Commodities: Wood chips and wood pellets in bulk
Address: 1209 McKeen Avenue, North Vancouver, B.C. V7P 3H9
TEL: 604-980-6543 FAX: 604-984-2593
Website: www.fibreco.com

G3 Terminal
Commodities:  wheat, soybeans, canola, peas, corn and specialty agri-products
Address: North Vancouver, BC V7L 1A7
TEL: 1-844-263-2398
Website: g3terminalvancouver.ca

Ioco Terminal
Commodities: Heavy fuel oil, intermediate fuel oils, marine gas oil
Address: 2225 Ioco Road, RR1, Port Moody, B.C. V3H 3C8
TEL: 604-469-8360 FAX: 604-469-8298

Lantic Inc
Commodities: Sugar
Address:  123 Rogers St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3N2
TEL: 604-253-1131  FAX:
Website: www.lanticrogers.com

Commodities:  Forest products, steel, project cargo
Address:  15 Mountain Hwy, North Vancouver, BC V7J 2J9
TEL:  604-904-2800
Website: www.westeve.com/services/terminal-operations/lynnterm-terminal

Neptune Terminals
Commodities: Export steelmaking coal, potash, canola oil, bulk agri-products. Inbound phosphate rock.
Address: 1001 Low Level Road, North Vancouver, B.C.
TEL: 604-985-7461 FAX: 604-985-8941
Website: www.neptuneterminals.com

Pacific Coast Terminals
Commodities: Sulphur, ethylene glycol, and canola oil
Address: 2300 Columbia Street, Port Moody, B.C. V3H 5J9
TEL: 604-939-7371 FAX: 604-936-2951
Website: www.pct.ca

Pacific Elevators Terminal
Commodities: Peas, canola, flax, lentils, soybeans.
Address: 1803 Stewart Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 5G1
TEL: 604-252-2209 FAX: 604-684-6246
Website: www.viterra.ca

Parkland Terminal
Commodities: Petroleum products
Address: 355 Willingdon Ave N, Burnaby, BC V5C 1X4
TEL:  1 800-662-7177
Website: www.parkland.ca

Richardson Port Terminal
Commodities: wheat, canola, barley, barley malt, rye, flax and grain and feed products”
Address: 375 Low Level Road, North Vancouver, B.C.
TEL: 604-904-6030 FAX: 604-987-0679
Website:  www.richardson.ca

Shellburn Terminal
Commodities: Petroleum products
Address: 201 Kensington, Burnaby, B.C. V5B 4B2
TEL: 604-296-2966 FAX: 604-296-2881
Website: www.shell.ca

Suncor  Burrard  Terminal
Commodities: Refined petroleum products
Address: 9955 Barnett Highway, Burnaby, B.C. V3H 3E1
TEL: 604-933-3000 FAX: 604-933-3071
Website: www.suncor.com

Univar Canada
Commodities: Caustic soda solution, ethylene dichloride and mono ethylene glycol
Address: Berth No. 7 Lynnterm Terminal, Foot of Mountain Highway, North Vancouver, B.C.
TEL: 604-273-1441 FAX: 604-273-2046
Website: www.univarcanada.com

Vancouver Wharves
Commodities: Import and export bulk concentrates, import and export distillates, export sulphur, export agri-products and other dry bulk commodities.
Address: 1995 West First Street, North Vancouver, B.C. V7P 1A8
TEL: 604-985-3177 FAX: 604-980-7563
Website: www.vanwharves.com

West Coast Reduction 
Commodities: Rendered animal fats and waxes, plant based oils and biodiesel
Address: 105 Commercial Drive North, Vancouver, BC V5L 4V7
TEL: 604-255-9301  FAX: 604-255-1803
Website:  www.wcrl.com

Westridge Marine Terminal
Commodity:  Petroleum products
Address: 7065 Bayview Dr, Burnaby, BC V5A 4T3
TEL:  604-298-3612
Website:  www.transmountain.com/westridge-marine-terminal

Westshore Terminals
Commodities: Steelmaking and energy coals; petroleum coke
Address: 1 Roberts Bank, Delta, B.C. V4M 4G5
TEL: 604-946-3401 FAX: 604-946-1388
Website: www.westshore.com

Container Terminals

Commodities: Containerized cargo
Address: 777 Centennial Road, Vancouver, B.C. V6A 1A3
TEL: 604-255-5151 FAX: 604-662-8464
Website: www.dpworld.com

Deltaport Container Terminal
Commodities: Containerized cargo
Address: 2 Roberts Bank, Delta, B.C. V4M 4G5
TEL: 604-267-5400 FAX: 604-267-5401
Website: www.globalterminals.com

Fraser Surrey Docks
Commodities: Containerized cargo, bulk and breakbulk
Address: 11060 Elevator Road, Surrey, B.C. V3V 2R7
TEL: 604-582-2268 FAX: 604-581-7343
Website: www.fsd.bc.ca

Commodities: Containerized cargo 
Address: 1300 Stewart Street, Vancouver, B.C. V5L 4X5
TEL: 604-267-5200 FAX:604-267-5214
Website: www.globalterminals.com

Cruise Terminals

Canada Place
Commodities: Cruise
Address: 999 Canada Place, Vancouver B.C. V6C 3C1
TEL: 604-665-9086 FAX: 604-665-9099
Website:  www.portvancouver.com/cruise

Port of Nanaimo

Services: Tugs, fresh water and repair services are available and bunkering is limited to delivery by tanker truck and barge.
Address: 104 Front Street, P.O. Box 131, Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 5K4
Tel: 250-753-4146 Fax: 250-753-4899
Website: www.npa.ca

Nanaimo Assembly Wharf
Commodities: Forest products, general cargo
Address: 1 Port Way, Nanaimo, BC
Website:  www.npa.ca
TEL:  250-753-3425

Nanaimo Cruise Terminal
Commodities: Cruise
Address: 100 Port Way, Nanaimo, BC
Website:  www.npa.ca
TEL:  250-753-4146

Duke Point Deep Sea Terminal
Commodities: Forest products, general cargo, project cargo
Address: 750 Jackson Road, Nanaimo, BC
Website: www.npa.ca
TEL: 250-753-2425

Port of Alberni

Port of Alberni Terminals
Commodity: Forest Products
Address: 2750 Harbour Road, Port Alberni, BC
Contact: 250-723-5312
Website: www.portalberniportauthority.ca

Greater Victoria Harbour Activity

Ogden Point Cargo Terminal
Services: cable ships, navy vessels, offshore supply vessels, tugs, breakbulk cargo
Address: 185 Dallas Road, Victoria, BC
TEL:  250-386-1321
Website:  www.gvha.ca

Ogden Point Cruise Terminal
Commodity: Cruise
Address: 185 Dallas Road, Victoria, BC
TEL: 250-386-1321
Website: www.gvha.ca

Other South Coast Ports

Squamish Terminals LTD.
Commodities: Wood pulp, lumber, steel, project and general cargo
Address: 37500 Third Ave, Squamish, B.C., P.O. Box 1520, V8B 0B1
TEL: 604-892-3511 (Vancouver 604-687-6891) FAX: 604-892-5623
Website: www.sqterminals.com

Port Mellon
Services: Tugs and fresh water available. Stores and ship repairs from Vancouver. Fuel available in ship emergency only. First aid at the gatehouse 24 hours and ambulance service are available. Port Mellon is not a port of entry – Customs clearance must be obtained from Vancouver.

Howe Sound Pulp and Paper
Commodities: Kraft pulp and newsprint
Address: 3830 Port Mellon Hwy, Port Mellon, B.C. V0N 2S0
TEL: 604-884-5223 FAX: 604-884-2179
Website: www.hspp.ca

Vancouver Island

Campbell River Marine Terminal
Commodities: Zinc, copper and gold
Address: 7990 Island Highway Campbell River, BC
Tel:  250-286-3370
Website:  www.crmt.ca

Cowichan Bay

Cowichan Bay Terminal
Commodities: Lumber and other forest products
Address: Box 131, 5105 Tzouhalem Road, Duncan, B.C.
Tel: 250-748-5206 Fax: 250-748-2932
Website: www.westeve.com

North Coast

Services: Tugs readily available for berthing. Local ships agents. Access to bunkers is restricted.
Address: 270 City Centre, Kitimat, B.C. V8C 2H7
TEL: 250-632-8900 FAX: 250-632-4995
Website: www.kitimat.ca

Rio Tinto Alcan Terminal
Commodities: Imports – bulk alumina, liquid pitch, coke and uoride; Exports – aluminum products
Address: 1 Smeltersite Road, P.O. Box 1800, Kitimat, B.C. V6C 2H2
TEL: 250 639 8326 FAX : 250 639 8730
Website: www.riotinto.com

LNG Canada (Under Construction)
Address: P.O. Box 176, Kitimat, B.C. V8C 2G7
Tel: 250-639-3229
Website: www.lngcanada.ca

Prince Rupert

Port of Prince Rupert
Services: Tugs readily available. Bunker availability restricted. Minor repairs to hull, machinery and electronics can be conducted with adequate notice. Prince Rupert is a Customs port of entry.
Address: 200-215 Cow Bay Road, Prince Rupert, B.C. V8J 1A2
Tel: 250-627-8899 FAX: 250-627-8980
Website: www.rupertport.com

Prince Rupert Grain LTD.
Commodities: Wheat, barley, canola and other grains
Address: PO Box 877 Ridley Island, Prince Rupert, B.C. V8J 3Y1
TEL: 250-627-8777 FAX: 250-627-8541
Website: www.rupertport.com/princerupertgrain.htm

Ridley Terminals INC.
Commodities: Metallurgical and thermal coal, petroleum coke, wood pellets.
Address: P.O. Bag 8000, Prince Rupert, BC V8J 4H3
Tel: 250-624-9511 FAX: 250-624-4990
Website: www.rti.ca

Fairview Container Terminal
Commodities: Containerized cargo
Address: 3100 Scott Road, Prince Rupert, B.C. V8J 3P4
TEL: 250-624-2124 FAX: 250-624-2323
Website: www.dpworld.ca

Westview Terminal
Commodities: wood pellets
Address: 25 Waterfront Street, Prince Rupert, BC V8J 3P6
TEL: 250-600-7600
Website: www.pinnaclepellet.com

Northland Cruise Terminal
Commodities: Cruise
Address: P.O. Box 246 Prince Rupert, B.C. V8J 3P6
TEL: 250-627-8899 FAX: 250-627-8980


Port of Stewart
Commodities: Copper concentrates, rock
Address: PO Box 460, 705 Brightwell Street, Stewart, BC V0T 1W0
Tel: 250-636-2251 FAX: 250-636-2417
Website: https://stewartworldport.com/

Stewart Bulk Terminals
Commodities: Copper concentrates, rock
Address: 100 – 5th, PO Box 278, Stewart, BC V0T 1W0
Tel: 250-636-2215  Fax: 250-636-2348
Stewart Bulk Terminals Ltd. is a privately owned and operated terminal.


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