This Friday at noon, give a hoot for “Unsung Heroes of Global Trade”

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Engineering seafarers are essential to the functioning of complex machinery found in modern ships.

On Friday May 1, 2020 ships will acknowledge the incredible effort of seafarers at supporting global trade. At precisely noon, ships in British Columbia, the rest of Canada, and around the world will sound their horns in solidarity to thank seafarers who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their continued effort, dedication, and selflessness is truly remarkable as they are now being asked to spend even more prolonged periods of time at sea, away from families and communities. With numerous nations not allowing crew changes and a near shutdown of international airline travel, a significant number of seafarers are unable to return home to their families through normal crew change procedures.

Throughout the coasts of Canada, seafarers can be found supporting international trade on large cargo ships and coastal tugs, supporting tourism on cruise ships, supporting local transportation on ferries, and supporting the critical movement of goods to our coastal and island communities. They can also be found in the ships of the Canadian Coast Guard, the Royal Canadian Navy, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, where they are focused on protecting the public, other seafarers, and our incredible coasts. Seafarers are the unsung heroes and on May 1 we will recognize their dedication and professionalism.




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