Torrential rain provides relief to Panama Canal operations

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The recent arrival of rains in Central America brings positive news for global supply chain planners. As a result of the improved weather conditions, the Panama Canal Authority has decided to postpone further draft restrictions that were originally scheduled for June 25th and July 9. The region is expecting heavy rainfall throughout the week. The Panama Canal had previously implemented draft restrictions due to a severe drought, resulting in reduced maximum authorized draft levels for ships passing through the Neopanamax and Panamax locks. The Neopanamax locks will continue to accommodate ships with drafts up to 13.41 meters, while the Panamax locks will allow drafts of up to 12.04 meters. These draft levels have already decreased by more than 1.5 meters compared to their maximum levels, which were affected by months of dry weather. The backlog of ships waiting to transit the canal has been increasing throughout June, with queues forming on both sides of the waterway.

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