Truckers threaten job action over truck age restrictions

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On February 1, 2022 the Port of Vancouver will introduce a ban on trucks older than ten years as part of its Clean Trucking Initiative under its Truck Licensing System.  This initiative launched in late 2020 is meant to enforce more stringent environmental requirements for trucks that access the port starting this year with a rolling truck age.  Unifor and the Port Transportation Association have been raising concern with the potential impact that may force hundreds of container truck out of the port transportation system. Timing to kick off this initiative along with mandatory vaccinations for drivers is less than ideal given driver shortages and the pressure from the state of the pandemic, flooding and supply chain congestion. Job action is being discussed and Unifor is renewing demands to convene consultations about the fairest way to transition the trucks without causing major financial hardship for truck drivers and minimal disruption in port trucking capacity.  Today in the Port of Vancouver there are 11 container vessels waiting in designated anchorages and several vessels drifting offshore waiting for an anchorage.  Any opportunity to prevent further disruption to port activities should be considered.

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