TSB releases findings on sinking of tug Ingenika

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The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) is issuing four recommendations aimed at enhancing the safety of tugs 15 gross tonnage (GT) or less. They are issued as part of the investigation (M21P0030) into the 10 February 2021 sinking of the tug Ingenika in British Columbia (BC), which resulted in the death of two crew members. Since 2015, the TSB has investigated six occurrences involving tugs of 15 GT or less operating on the west coast of Canada that have raised concerns around the adequacy of regulatory surveillance, a systemic safety issue that has been on the TSB Watchlist since 2010. TSB recommendations include Transport Canada expanding its surveillance program for tugs of 15 GT or less and requiring a risk assessment process for the suitability of these tugs to the tow and for the Pacific Pilotage Authority to revisit pilotage waivers and their eligibility requirements and to implement an ongoing process for verifying compliance.

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