USCG convenes safety board to assess port infrastructure risks

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The US Coast Guard convened a Ports and Waterways Safety Board of Inquiry to evaluate the risks to critical port infrastructure posed by larger commercial vessels and increased traffic density.  The Board, authorized under Title 46 of the US Code and chaired by Rear Adm. Wayne R. Arguin, assistant commandant for prevention policy, is comprised of a team of senior Coast Guard officers and experts who will work closely with federal, state, local agencies and port stakeholders to conduct a comprehensive assessment of critical port infrastructure. Specifically, the Board will examine the implications of larger, more complex vessels and evolving maritime traffic patterns on port infrastructure, including bridges, cargo terminals, pipelines, railways and power plants and recommend risk mitigation strategies and best practices to ensure navigational safety. A review of the historical use and effectiveness of the Coast Guard’s existing waterways risk assessment tools will also be conducted.

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