USCG warns the maritime industry of Volt-Typhoon

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The U.S. Coast Guard has alerted maritime companies about cybersecurity threats posed by a Chinese-sponsored cyber activity group called Volt Typhoon. The group uses a “living off the land” technique to exploit victim networks without detection. The virus blends with normal system activities, bypasses endpoint detection tools, and avoids extensive logging. The Coast Guard advises companies to review a joint advisory issued by various authorities, which provides details on the Volt Typhoon’s tactics and indicators of compromise. Companies are urged to strengthen their cybersecurity, detect any malicious activity, and report it according to their Incident Response Plans. Assistance can be sought from local USCG Cyber Specialists or the Maritime Cyber Readiness Branch. The Coast Guard strongly encourages every company to review the advisory and harden their cyberspace terrain by searching for and mitigating any instances of the Indicators of Compromise that the alert highlights within their own networks and systems. If malicious activity is discovered, companies should follow normal reporting procedures in accordance with their Incident Response Plans, which includes reporting such discoveries to the National Response Center (NRC) or local Coast Guard unit. Companies unable to take discovery actions highlighted in the advisory or those who would like additional assistance, should contact their local USCG Cyber Specialist or email the Maritime Cyber Readiness Branch at

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