COVID Immunization Information for Seafarers in BC

updated June 1, 2022

With COVID-19 measures easing in British Columbia (BC), mass vaccination clinics have closed or reduced hours of operations, and onboard delivery of vaccinations has been discontinued as our health care workers return to normal activities.

Vaccinations of seafarers can now be arranged at local pharmacies on an appointment basis only.   Only Pfizer or Moderna vaccines are provided at the pharmacies – the Janssen (J&J) vaccine is currently unavailable.  The first booster can only be provided if it has been more than 5 months since the last dose.

Transportation to and from the pharmacy must be arranged by the local agent or via a seafarer welfare organization in advance.

Steps to immunizing seafarers:

  1. To access a pharmacy or local clinic, seafarers must have a personal health number (PHN) issued by the Province of BC.
    To obtain PHNs, call 1-604-630-4063.  Note before calling, please ensure that you have the following information for each seafarer to be vaccinated:

Legal first and last name
Date of birth
Address information (name of vessel, port location, postal code of port/location)

 The registration process will take approximately 5 minutes per seafarer.

2. The seafarers are then required to be registered for COVID Immunization online at: or by phone at 1-833-838-2323.

3. To arrange an appointment at the nearest pharmacy call 1-833-838-2323.  Alternatively, appointments can be booked online if the seafarers are registered online and only after the appointment booking invitation is received via email. If you require more appointments than what is available, call the pharmacy to see if they can accommodate the additional appointments.

4. Seafarers taking shore leave must be asymptomatic, i.e. presumed non-COVID-19 carrying, and follow the guidelines contained in the latest Ship Safety Bulletin.

5. When attending the pharmacy for vaccinations, seafarers should have their assigned personal health number (PHN), identification,  and any records of previous COVID vaccinations.