VFPA Port Information Guide Amendments

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The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) has issued a notice of amendment, dated November 1, 2022, to inform members of the public, industry and other stakeholders of proposed updates to our Port Information Guide. The amendments include an Anchorage Code of Conduct that will apply to all anchorages managed by the VFPA and are intended to address the responsibilities of ships at anchor for the purpose of reducing negative social impacts. Content includes guidelines for maintaining an anchor watch, minimizing noise and light pollution, minimizing overside discharges and conditions for waiver of compulsory pilotage in Coastal Waters.  While guidance has been in place, inclusion in the Port Information Guide formalizes the expectations and requires the master and vessel agent to acknowledge compliance with the Code of Conduct. The Chamber of Shipping will be responding to the notice of amendment and we welcome your input.

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