Viterra in talks to merge with U.S rival Bunge

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Global grain trader Viterra is engaged in discussions to merge with its U.S. competitor Bunge Ltd, as reported by Reuters. The potential merger between the two companies, which would significantly impact the top tier of global grains merchants, is still uncertain and the terms of the deal are being negotiated. Regulators would closely scrutinize any agreement due to concerns about concentrated control over staple crop trade and global food security. Bunge, a major corn and soy exporter in Brazil, would benefit from the merger, bringing it closer in revenue to rival Archer-Daniels-Midland. Both companies have experienced strong profits recently, benefiting from disruptions in the global crop market. A merger would grant Viterra access to export terminals in the U.S., strengthening its position as a global grains merchant. Viterra previously attempted to acquire Bunge in 2017, but the offer was rejected. The companies involved, including Glencore (part-owner of Viterra), declined to comment on the ongoing talks.

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