Warzone GPS jamming manipulating vessels’navigation positions

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Incidents of GPS jamming in the Mediterranean and Black Seas have spiked, affecting ships’ navigation data near conflict zones. On April 4, tracking data showed 117 cargo vessels appearing at Beirut airport due to GPS spoofing, a significant increase from the average daily impact in March. Similar disruptions have occurred at Cairo International airport. Such spoofing, caused by third-party signal interference, alters ships’ Automatic Identification System (AIS) data. The disruptions in the eastern Mediterranean are likely defensive actions by Israeli forces amid the Israel-Hamas conflict, aiming to confuse military navigation reliant on GPS. The Black Sea has also experienced high levels of GPS jamming, affecting vessels’ apparent locations, with recent spikes in vessels appearing in land locations like Moscow and Kyiv airports. Additionally, vessels in the Red Sea, Middle East Gulf, and Arabian Sea have been warned of electronic interference affecting navigation, with Iran and Iran-linked actors like the Houthis suspected of involvement in some cases.

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