Wild storms continue to wreak havoc on west coast

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Another attempt will be made this Sunday to dislodge a barge that washed up on rocks at Sunset Beach as a result of a severe windstorm on Nov. 15.  According to the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) the empty barge owned by Sentry Marine Towing based out of Richmond broke loose from its mooring and drifted across English Bay. The first attempts to remove the barge were unsuccessful and higher tides and hopefully, more horsepower can be expected on Sunday morning.   The CCG is monitoring 22 boats that have either sunk, run aground, damaged, or just drifting after the storm.  Under Canadian law, boat owners are responsible for their vessels at all times and the CCG is working with local authorities to contact those affected to advise them of their responsibilities in regards to towing, salvage, and cleanup.

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