World Bank releases 2023 LPI

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On 21 April, the World Bank released its 2023 Logistics Performance Index report, a measure of countries’ ability to move goods across borders with speed and reliability. The seventh edition of Connecting to Compete, the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) report comes after three years of unprecedented supply chain disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic, when delivery times soared. Canada scored 9th in the LPI, which covers 139 countries and measures the ease of establishing reliable supply chain connections and the structural factors that make it possible. On average across all potential trade routes, 44 days elapse from the time a container enters the port of the exporting country until it leaves the destination port, with a standard deviation of 10.5 days. According to LPI 2023, end-to-end supply chain digitalisation, especially in emerging economies, is allowing countries to shorten port delays by up to 70% compared to those in developed countries. The report finds that while most time is spent in shipping, the biggest delays occur at seaports, airports, and multimodal facilities.

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