Japanese Shipbuilders collaborate to develop rigid sails

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Japanese companies Tsuneishi Shipbuilding, Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding, and Akishima Laboratories have collaborated on developing rigid sails as a new energy-saving device for ships. The rigid sail acts as auxiliary propulsion, harnessing wind energy to generate propulsive force and reduce energy consumption. Tsuneishi Shipbuilding leads the project, overseeing coordination, equipment design, and manufacturing. Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding focuses on studying sail shape and control systems, while Akishima Laboratories conducts performance evaluations using fluid analysis methods. The goal is to install the rigid sail on a vessel by 2026 and achieve commercialization by 2027, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions reduction through innovative maritime technology. This initiative complements Tsuneishi Shipbuilding’s broader efforts, such as the development of biomass-fueled ships in collaboration with NYK Line and other partners under a recent memorandum of understanding.

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