July 15 – MS Medstraum

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MS Medstraum is the world’s first zero-emission fast ferry and will be operating the commuter route between Stavanger and Hommersåk on the west coast of Norway. It will be equipped with two electric motors and a battery with a capacity of 1.5MWh and a charging power of over 2MW.  The vessel will reduce emissions by 1500 tonnes a year, despite operating on one of the least energy-demanding routes.  Project partners developed and demonstrated a new and emission-free propulsion system that can maintain higher speeds than before, and have also adopted completely new modular design- and construction methods that will revolutionize the way boats are constructed in the future

Cruising speed during operation: 23 knots
Max speed: 27 knots
Length: 30 meters.
Width: 9 meters.
Battery capacity: 1524 kWh
Electric engines: 2×550 kW
Charge capacity: 2,3 MW

In 2015 the world’s first fully-electric ferry, Ampere, was built at the Fjellstrand shipyard in Hardanger, Norway. That marked the start of an electric revolution on Norwegian ferries. Now, only seven years later, there are approximately 70 emission-free ferries operating in Norway.

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