Oct 10 – MF Hydra

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MF HYDRA, a sustainable and innovative ferry designed by Sembcorp Marine’s subsidiary LMG Marin AS, has won the prestigious Ship of the Year Award given by Skipsrevyen, a 50-year-old Nordic maritime magazine publication house.

MF Hydra uses liquid hydrogen, two 200 kW fuel cells, a 1.36 MWh battery, and two 440 kW diesel generators. The hydrogen tanks and the fuel cells are located on top of the ferry. The hydrogen is trucked from Leipzig in Germany. The ferry qualifies as zero-emission waterborne transport, or ZEWT. Ballard is supplying the fuel cell power systems for two of Norled’s zero-emission ferries. Those systems are being developed by Ballard Marine Center of Expertise in Denmark. MF Hydra is 82.4 meters long with the ability to carry up to 300 passengers and 80 cars. The vessel can operate at a molded speed of 9 knots using Shottel thrusters. It features liquid hydrogen supplied from industrial gas and energy company Linde. Liquid hydrogen new 24MW electrolyzer at the Leuna Chemical Complex in Germany, which will use Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology to produce green hydrogen.

LMG Managing Director Mr. Torbjorn Bringedal said, “As the world’s first ship powered by liquid hydrogen, MF HYDRA is a game-changer for the marine industry. It will pave the way for the adoption of hydrogen as a fuel for shipping and support the International Maritime Organization’s goal to halve global greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. LMG Marin, with our extensive track record of innovative naval architecture, is proud to contribute to global decarbonization efforts and a more sustainable world for current and future generations.”

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