PM announces funding for Indigenous conservation initiatives

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This week at the United Nations Biodiversity Conference in Montréal (COP 15), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced funding of up to $800 million over seven years to supporting Indigenous-led conservation initiatives. These initiatives would support Canada’s goals of conserving 25 per cent of land and waters by 2025, and 30 per cent of each by 2030. This investment will support the establishment of protected areas through a new funding model (Project Finance for Permanence), which is based on partnership. It brings together Indigenous organizations, governments, and the philanthropic community to identify shared goals for protecting nature and halting biodiversity loss. Some of this funding is intended to support conservation efforts in the Northernshelf Bioregion of waters in British Columbia.

The new First Nations National Guardians Network was also introduced today to expand and support individual First Nations Guardians initiatives from coast to coast to coast. The network will connect First Nations Guardians initiatives across the country, so that Guardians can do more together than on their own. This Network will enable a Nation-based model of self-determination and a Nation-to-Nation-based model of reconciliation and partnership for responsible land and marine stewardship.

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