RCMSAR successfully conducts SAREX in Prince Rupert

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On March 2nd, in Prince Rupert’s inner harbour, the Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA), Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue (RCMSAR), Canadian Coast Guard, Coastal First Nations Coast Guard Auxiliary, and Prince Rupert Ground Search and Rescue came together for a comprehensive search and rescue drill. The operation involved 10 vessels and engaged 55 individuals in various scenarios. RCMSAR spearheaded the training, with support from PRPA’s Harbour Patrol crew and Harbour Master in organizing and executing the collaborative effort. PRPA is committed to regular participation in these multi-agency drills to enhance readiness for emergency situations.

The PRPA’s Harbour Patrol vessel, Amwaal, played a central role as the command center for the exercise, with two RCMSAR volunteers onboard coordinating the operations. The teamwork between RCMSAR volunteers, Amwaal’s crew, and other partners was instrumental in the smooth running of the exercise. Amwaal is equipped for a variety of tasks, including firefighting, exercise control, search and rescue operations, pilot boarding, diving activities, and serving as a platform for science and research. It boasts advanced equipment such as FLIR, night vision, RADAR, multiple radios, a radio detection finder, and firefighting gear. This search and rescue drill showcased Amwaal’s versatility and vital role in bolstering emergency response capabilities in the Prince Rupert harbour.

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